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Electrostatic Charging of Jumping-Droplets on Superhydrophobic Surfaces
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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. The author Emil Lazarov graduated in cybernetics. He has One Hundred Droplets: Virtual impression by [Lazarov, Emil]. One Hundred Droplets: Virtual Impression [Emil Lazarov] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The virtual Impression One Hundred Droplets is.

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The arithmetic mean diameter graph shows smaller droplets, while the number density graph shows an increase in the number of droplets. Hasegawa, and Y. Experimental result of water droplet. For Librarians. Back to tab navigation. Maclennan and N. Dewangan and J.

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Under the right conditions, ordinary clear water droplets on a transparent surface can produce brilliant colors, without the addition of inks or dyes. This iridescent effect is due to "structural color," by which an object generates color simply by the way light interacts with its geometric structure. In a paper appearing February 28, in the journal Nature, a team of researchers at Penn State and MIT describe how a surface covered in a fine mist of transparent droplets and lit with a single white light lamp can produce bright, iridescent colors if each tiny droplet is precisely the same size.

Bruno Naylor, Philip Thomas, and Dr. Leticia Tarruell, have created a liquid one hundred million times more dilute than water and one million times thinner than air.

BslA-stabilized emulsion droplets with designed microstructure

To this aim, the team cooled down a gas of potassium atoms to Although at these temperatures the atoms behave as waves and follow the rules of quantum mechanics, they still conserve an intrinsic property of a gas: they expand in the absence of container. In contrast, when two of such gases are mixed together and attract each other, the atoms instead form liquid droplets.

Indeed, the existence of these liquid droplets is entirely due to quantum fluctuations, a fascinating intrinsic quantum effect. They thus remain in perpetual motion, leading to a quantum pressure that makes very small droplets unstable and evaporates them into an expanding gas. Leticia Tarruell.