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And if you look as good on stage as you sound, then it 'must' be quite the show.

Emily Rohm said days ago January 9th, Your friend has a very good voice and this is quite a treat. I bet some of you must have rubbed off on her.

No, John, that's me singing!! Glad you liked it! And my friend Kerry is my pianist. She is awesome too! Mystified said days ago January 9th, This is not an easy aria to sing! You've done a beautiful job with it--interpretation and peformance. Your voice is perfect for this Thank you for posting it here! This is an unusual offering for MacJams but very beautiful! You not only have a beautiful voice, but stamina, as well. The classical genre here will have to do for music of this nature, but I'm glad you posted it in classical, or I would have probably missed it.

Is this picture from a recent production at Lawrence?

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Monica's Waltz Lyrics: Bravo! And after the theatre, supper and dance / Music! Ooom pah pah, oom pah pah / Up in the sky, someone is playing a trombone. The Medium is a short (one-hour-long) two-act dramatic opera with words and music by Gian Noted arias[edit]. "Monica's Waltz" (Monica); "The Black Swan" ( Monica); "Afraid, am I afraid?" (Baba).

I took my M. Small world. This is an unusual offering for MacJams Wow!! I knew you were talented for a reason! Bjella was my choir director and I think I took sightsinging with Brigetta Blocked out sightsinging- bad memories of a constant struggle Thanks for listening to a long aria! Okay, here it is This is excellent, absolutely brilliant! I love the piece, even though the recording sort of lessens the impact, we miss the dynamics of your performance, and thusly, the brilliance of your performance is left to the imagination. This is wonderful, wonderful, it's on my iPod.

Now, here's what I have to say - your voice is exceptional, but it's more technique than emotion, and on some of these lines, a more rooted approach is necessary to wring the emotions out of an audience. Can you sing?

Movement Creates Meaning: : A Dramatic Interpretation of Menotti's 'Monica's Waltz'

Oh hell yes! No doubt, no doubt. Can you emote? Yes, absolutely, yes, you can wring tears from the most jaded, I"m thinking. But in this performance - the median seems to be embraced - the technical is there, and the emotion is there, but as it is said, these twain do not truly meet, and maybe that comes from pressure, pressure.

But you're not alone in your stake, in your quest to push this emotion out there for the world to take, and it's incredible, once again - so well done, the recording doesn't do the performance justice, because we lose the dynamics of your voice - a formidable instrument indeed. You are in the same company as Sarah Brightman - and yet, the drama needed to turn this from brilliant singing into dramatic conflict needs to be looked after, and I have no doubt that once you marry the two worlds of technique and torture - the world's best music will come springing out of you in waves.

Be encouraged and key into the humanity of everything you sing. Much love - this one goes on my iPod Emily Rohm said days ago January 11th, Thanks for your thorough listen! I appreciate your comments and ideas.

Bill Evans & Monica Zetterlund - Waltz for Debbie (1966 Live Video)

It's great to hear for once that I have more technique than emotion at least on one song I was always pulled in two very separate directions from the theatre department and the voice department. Each group thinks their ideas are the most important, of course! So I can understand how you can hear that in my performance. It is quite an art to find the happy medium in opera, and I guess I'm still working on it.

Thanks again! Stunning Love this piece, and I've always been a big fan of opera. Too soft I think that I prefer your version to to the other girl that just finished HS. Joanna said days ago February 10th, Wow That was amazing. I got so caught up in your performance and the beauty of your voice set against the playfullness and drama of the song. Emily Rohm said days ago February 10th, Wow Thanks so much, Joanna. I'm really gald you enjoyed it.

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