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Within the next six months, a host of exciting NEW Star Trek fan films are scheduled for release onto YouTube—some of them eagerly anticipated. Last week, I reached out to some prominent fan filmmakers to get updates on their productions and when fans will get a chance to finally see them. But your first time is always special, and I wanted to tell you about it.

I received what was to be the first of nearly daily e-mails from GoFundMe…. It was soooo weird.

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Anyway, I let that money accrue, and the balance in my bank account just kept growing. This is a separate bank account set up for the campaign, not our main joint account. But then came the moment that I knew was inevitable. And I gave donors a very specific budget. To make things even more scary, my first expense was completely unplanned for and unbudgeted. Fortunately, the unexpected expense was this first time was only twelve bucks…. Just make the damn movie already!

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Obviously, we all want a really awesome Axanar fan film—so the finished product is certainly an important thing. A lot of time, money!!! Axafans and Axanerds have been waiting years for the moment when production finally begins again…ever since the lawsuit shut everything down six weeks before cameras were set to start rolling in February of But now all the hard work, patience, and planning is coming together. This is where the fun begins, Saavik. So please indulge me if I get caught up in the excitement.

But that was only a small oversight. Paul is still very much involved, and his enthusiasm for the project and his camaraderie with Alec are very evident in the video. At times like these, people tend to talk about how the recently deceased touched their life or recall a personal encounter with them or simply say what a great person they were. At first, I never really cared much for Nog.

But then, slowly but ever-so-surely, Nog began to turn his life around. Free download Vengeance of the Dancing Gods Book.

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Image: British memorandum on Palestine ahead of the Peace Conference, Indexes single and multi-author collections, plus selected annuals and serials. We have some challenges in Okinawa but, overall, Japanese people are amazingly welcoming to us. This very fact must transform the way national security forces think about deterrence, power projection, nation-building, and defense. His research interests relate broadly to policy-related dimensions of cybersecurity and cyberspace, and he is particularly interested in and knowledgeable about the use of offensive operations in cyberspace, especially as instruments of national policy. Scott C. ProfBShaffer Georgetown

His writings, therefore, contain the spirit, the aroma, if I may use the phrase, of the age in which he lives. They are caskets which inclose within a small compass the wealth of the language—its family jewels, which are thus transmitted in a portable form to posterity. The setting may occasionally be antiquated, and require now and then to be renewed, as in the case of Chaucer; but the brilliancy and intrinsic value of the gems continue unaltered. Cast a look back over the long reach of literary history.

What vast valleys of dullness, filled with monkish legends and academical controversies! Here and there only do we behold the heaven-illuminated bards, elevated like beacons on their widely-separate heights, to transmit the pure light of poetical intelligence from age to age.

I was just about to launch forth into eulogiums upon the poets of the day, when the sudden opening of the door caused me to turn my head. It was the verger, who came to inform me that it was time to close the library. I sought to have a parting word with the quarto, but the worthy little tome was silent; the clasps were closed: and it looked perfectly unconscious of all that had passed.

I have been to the library two or three times since, and have endeavored to draw it into further conversation, but in vain; and whether all this rambling colloquy actually took place, or whether it was another of those odd day-dreams to which I am subject, I have never to this moment been able to discover. I HAD scarcely thought of the theater for some years, when Kean arrived in this country; and it was more from curiosity than from any other motive, that I went to see, for the first time, the great actor of the age.

I was soon lost to the recollection of being in a theater, or looking upon a great display of the "mimic art. If this be acting, said I, as I returned home, I may as well make the theater my school, and henceforward study nature at second hand. How can I describe one who is almost as full of beauties as nature itself,—who grows upon us the more we become acquainted with him, and makes us sensible that the first time we saw him in any part, however much he may have moved us, we had but a partial apprehension of the many excellences of his acting?

We cease to consider it as a mere amusement. It is an intellectual feast; and he who goes to it with a disposition and capacity to relish it, will receive from it more nourishment for his mind, than he would be likely to do in many other ways in twice the time.

Our faculties are opened and enlivened by it; our reflections and recollections are of an elevated kind; and the voice which is sounding in our ears, long after we have left him, creates an inward harmony which is for our good. Kean, in truth, stands very much in that relation to other players whom we have seen, that Shakspeare does to other dramatists.

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One player is called classical; another makes fine points here, and another there; Kean makes more fine points than all of them together; but in him these are only little prominences, showing their bright heads above a beautifully undulated surface. A continual change is going on in him, partaking of the nature of the varying scenes he is passing through, and the many thoughts and feelings which are shifting within him.

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In a clear autumnal day we may see, here and there, a massed white cloud edged with a blazing brightness against a blue sky, and now and then a dark pine swinging its top in the wind, with the melancholy sound of the sea; but who can note the shifting and untiring play of the leaves of the wood, and their passing hues, when each seems a living thing full of sensations, and happy in its rich attire?

A sound, too, of universal harmony is in our ears, and a wide-spread beauty before our eyes, which we cannot define; yet a joy is in our hearts. Our delight increases in these, day after day, the longer we give ourselves to them, till at last we become, as it were, a part of the existence without us.

So it is with natural characters. They grow upon us imperceptibly, till we become bound up in them, we scarce know when or how.

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So, in its degree, it will fare with the actor who is deeply filled with nature, and is perpetually throwing off her beautiful evanescences. Instead of becoming tired of him, as we do, after a time, of others, he will go on giving something which will be new to the observing mind, and will keep the feelings alive, because their action will be natural. I have no doubt, that, excepting those who go to a play as children look into a show-box, to admire and exclaim at distorted figures, and raw, unharmonious colors, there is no man of a moderately warm temperament, and with a tolerable share of insight into human nature, who would not find his interest in Kean increasing with a study of him.

It is very possible that the excitement would lessen, but there would be a quieter pleasure, instead of it, stealing upon him, as he became familiar with the character of the acting.

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Taken within his range of characters, the versatility of his playing is striking. He seems not the same being, now representing Richard, and, again, Hamlet; but the two characters alone appear before you, and as distinct individuals who had never known or heard of each other.