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The Language of Recovery: Do Certain Words Undermine Healing?
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Contrary to what has been said about sticks and stones, words can and do hurt, but they can also heal. It all depends on which we use. The wrong words can convey shame and feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness — all of which can contribute to struggling individuals and their families choosing not to seek help.

People-First Language

this inequality and begin to alleviate the stigma of mental illness, recovery language chosen accurately reflects the client's voice, supports recovery, and. In the professional field of treatment and recovery, many experts have been calling for a new language of recovery for many years and.

Conversely, the right words can inspire hope, promise, healing and new beginnings. We must choose our words carefully.

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Adopting recovery-focused language can change the way our lawmakers and society as a whole perceive the disease of addiction. Is there a cure or is mental illness a life-long battle? Does this mean I'm "crazy"? This process is made even more difficult by the way mental illness is often portrayed in the media, viewed by society, and subsequently how people with mental illness are treated in their everyday life.

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In the mental health community a history of discrimination and disempowerment led many to seek a way for individuals to reclaim their identity and their role in their own therapeutic process. Placing the person at the center and above all other aspects of the treatment process is the foundation of The Recovery Model. The use of language is critical to ensuring a recovery-oriented and person-centered approach.

It is important that people are seen first as people and not seen as their mental health condition. People are not Schizophrenic, Bipolar, or Borderline. People are not cases or illnesses to be managed. You have a wonderful and unique voice. Well done.

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I look forward to reading more. Words resonated with me. Hated that word. It meant sobering thoughts to be without red wine.

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  • Language Matters: A Recovery Scientist Explains the Impact of Our Words.
  • Language Matters: A Recovery Scientist Explains the Impact of Our Words.

After 15 months I embrace my sobriety. Way to go Erin! Keep on keepin on. It gets better n better!! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am proud of you and love your language. I admire who you have become.

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Hilton Foundation. The term has negative connotations for it often has projected a tone of moral judgment. Psychiatric Services. In recovery-oriented care, we always make choice a priority even if that means the people we are supporting choose something different than what the team wants. This term is derogatory and implies that the person with a substance use disorder is less than others. PSR Practice Competencies. Substance use disorder, harmful use of substances, alcohol and drug disorder.

Being present and in the moment is critical for well being. I can remain hopeful for healthy change for myself. Thank you Nancy, for reading commenting and everything!

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A lot of people, when they quit booze, find they have to quit their friends too. Not me. You girls have been so supportive. Im very lucky! Miss you all. Plenty of room. Thanks for your post, Have a great Sober weekend!

The language of recovery

Thanks Dave. Such a simple sign too. So glad I finally did! Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment! Your Name required. Your E-mail will not be published required. Tired of addiction calling the shots? Addiction treatment changes lives. Call for a free benefits check.

The Power of Recovery Language

Finding Gratitude for the Bad Stuff, Too. Margot July 17, at pm. Jeanne July 21, at pm. Thank you Margot!! Lauren Aguillon July 17, at pm. I love the honesty and find these to be very powerful words.

Positive vs. Negative Language

Great article! Jeanne July 18, at pm. Thank your hank you got the nice feedback. Jeanne July 20, at am. Summer July 17, at pm. Jeanne July 20, at pm. Thank you Summer. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.