Biking Portland: 55 Rides From the Willamette Valley to Vancouver

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Jonathon, It was a very good choice to skip the Sunday ride that Cycle Oregon put on. I live in Eugene and have over a million kilometers in the saddle on all kinds of roads in all sorts of environments and yet I avoid the roads they chose because of the unpleasantness that is an inevitable part of any ride that includes them. After the ride, I took a wee look at a local closed Facebook group that deals with crime and, not unexpectedly, there were abundant comments from suburbanites who were quite upset at seeing people on bikes on Jasper Road.

There were many near-collisions and a whole lot of nastiness. We have paved roads that run along rivers with pavement only slightly wider than a standard bike path but less motor vehicle traffic. Of course there are awesome gravel options as well, though the logging companies prefer that we stay off those when the fire danger is high which it reached just this past Friday.

Jeff Jonathan, what camera s are you using for bikey stuff these days? Recommended 0. Also it is a very good camera for hiking. Personally, I have reverted to film for everything except travel—the Olympus OM 4. It is smaller than most DSLRs, but heavier due to nearly total absence of plastic.

Larger format than all but a few DSLRs too. And films, both BW and color, are phenomenally good these days!

Post processing, images are scanned for printing and ported to DVD for these digital times. Go to a cematary and find a fresh grave. Photograph it with both kinds of cameras. Be sure to include lots of background.

Not just the grave. You might be surprised at the results. Thank you for sharing! So many good ones, so little time…. Glad you like them Pat! Hoping to do that on the first weekend of August if the plan comes together. Yes, keep this types of posts coming.

One Man Bikes Boldly Through the Smog Of Summer

They are great. I like the format, ride summary and post length. As a 20 year resident of Sodaville, I was hoping to keep it a secret.. I ride over Mountain Home road several times a week all year round weather permitting.

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It is the stuff that does not generate garish, sometimes lurid, colors, and has twice the useful sensitivity and several times the latitude of digital. Photo-chemistry stomps photo-electronics image-wise. But I went back to film because of trying a DSLR replacement for a film camera that was stolen while I was volunteering for Cycle Oregon many years ago.

Same manufacturer. The DSLR could not tell me what what its autofocus was doing, and screamed when I tried to correct its blatant mistakes.

Ergonomics were a complete disaster: one person had designed the lens, another the body, a third the viewfinder, a fourth the controls. Let me know when anything digital can match the image quality of my F series Rolleiflex of half a century ago. Do not even think about trying to match its ergonomics. That said, the best thing about digital is how small the cameras can be made. A high end cell phone can produce pretty decent images, provided someone like JM is behind it.

I-5 is pretty good now that the bridges over the Santiam are wider. I have done it both north and south between Portland and Roseburg? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Register Reset Password. Remember Me. View More…. Independent community journalism is vital and it needs your help to survive. Here's how you can help:. Subscribe to our emails Get headlines, Monday Roundup links, Weekend Event Guide, and job listings delivered to your inbox. Not to be used without permission.

Photo Requests. Photos: Jonathan Maus — Click for captions. Chris I July 18, at am. Recommended 7. Reply Link. Clicky Freewheel July 18, at pm. Why bother riding or driving to Eugene when Amtrak lets you bring your bike on board? Recommended 3. The force is not so strong with this one… Recommended John Lascurettes July 18, at pm. Why bother leaving the house at all?

Recommended After exploring the falls and six miles of the Historic Columbia River Highway, relax as we transport you back to the city to complete your experience of one of the most beautiful places in Oregon.

Please note this tour is on-road with traffic. If traveling with infants and toddlers you may want to consider booking another tour. This 9 mile, 3 hour tour is the essential introduction to Portland. Great for beginners. Available on these daily cruise options — pm Sightseeing Only pm — pm Sightseeing Only. Boarding downtown at the Salmon Springs Fountain, Enjoy the sights along the Willamette River aboard the Portland Spirit as you take in the Portland skyline and our unique bridges.

Full service bars available on all three decks. Be sure to visit the wheel house and gift shop. The essential easy, safe and fun introduction to Portland. Sights include the 19th century buildings of Old Town and Chinatown, the largest independent bookstore in the world, the fashionably delicious Pearl District, local breweries, food cart pods, tree-filled parks and the largest university in the state.

Once you recieve your cruise confirmation and booking number, you will need to call Pedal Bike Tours to schedule your bike tour. Please provide your name and booking number when booking your bike tour.

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Your bike tour must be scheduled for a time within 3 days of your cruise. Want something a little different? We live for new tours!

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