Bank Asset and Liability Management: Strategy, Trading, Analysis

Bank Asset and Liability Management : Strategy, Trading, Analysis
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Bank Asset and Liability Management: Strategy, Trading, Analysis

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Asset liability management Leading the way in the risk management r evolution Sponsored feature: Prometeia 19 Jan Asset liability management Stress testing in non-normal markets via entropy pooling Ardia and Meucci introduce a parametric entropy pooling approach to portfolios stress testing 02 Jun Asset liability management In-depth introduction: Bonds Interplay between rules could reshape demand for government debt 05 May Asset liability management Tail risk premiums versus pure alpha Tail-risk skewness, rather than volatility, is correlated with risk premiums 23 Apr Asset liability management Multiperiod portfolio selection and Bayesian dynamic models Kolm and Ritter present a multiperiod, multi-asset selection model with transacion costs, kept computationally tractrable 25 Feb Asset liability management Impact study postponed for Basel rate-risk project QIS was due to get under way last month but will now start in mid 04 Feb Asset liability management Basel rates split heralds soft landing, banks hope First consultation paper on banking book interest rate exposure is expected in March 02 Feb Asset liability management Banking book rate risk project splits in two Regulators working on Pillar II guidance as well as fixed capital regime 05 Dec Asset liability management Optimal trading under proportional transaction costs The theory of optimal trading under proportional transaction costs has been considered from a variety of perspectives.

In this paper, Richard Martin shows that all results can be interpreted using a universal law through trading algorithm design 24 Jul Asset liability management US regional banks prepare for rising rates With regulators watching closely, US banks are reining in the duration of bond portfolios 23 Apr Asset liability management Portfolio construction and systematic trading with factor entropy pooling Construction of large portfolios consistent with investors' views and stress test scenarios is a challenging task, considering the volume of information to be processed.

Asset liability management EC bank reforms would leave lenders unable to hedge European proposal limits risk management tools to clearable swaps only, preventing options-based hedges 05 Feb Insurance Non-life insurers shorten bond duration as investment returns fall Short cut 24 Oct Asset liability management Irish variable annuity companies braced for new reporting requirements Regulator introduces new risk monitor to scrutinise market risks and act as early-warning indicator 15 Oct Asset liability management Insurers prepare for interest rate hikes Rate of relief 19 Aug Asset liability management Low yields force Asian insurers to reassess ALM strategies With long-term bonds in short supply and falling interest rates putting pressure on earnings, Asian insurers are considering giving up on asset-liability matching in order to chase yield.

Blake Evans-Pritchard reports 19 Jul Asset liability management Asian insurers abandoning liability matching in the hunt for yield Ultra-low rates forcing companies to shift focus from asset-liability matching 18 Jul Asset liability management Regulatory concerns mount as Dutch insurers maintain guarantees Race to the bottom 19 Jun Asset liability management Swedish insurers warn of manipulation threat to new discount curve Concerns Solvency II-based risk-free curve could be distorted by speculators as market begins to adjust ALM hedges 06 Jun Asset liability management Nordic insurers face up to low rates hedging challenge Rate relief 30 Apr Sign in.

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Bank Asset and Liability Management: Strategy, Trading, Analysis [Moorad Choudhry, Darren Carter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Banks are a vital part of the global economy, and the essence of banking is asset-liability management (ALM). This book is a comprehensive treatment of an.

Concepts and techniques are illustrated with case studies and worked examples. Written in accessible style, this book is essential reading for market practitioners, bank regulators, and graduate students in banking and finance.

Companion website features online access to software on applications described in the book, including a yield curve model, cubic spline spreadsheet calculator and CDO waterfall model. Request permission to reuse content from this site. Part IV Funding and balance sheet management using securitisation and structured credit vehicles Undetected country. NO YES.